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Guidelines of Forums Empty Guidelines of Forums

Post by kayybee on Sat Feb 05 2011, 20:49

Here are the forum guidelines, just things to tell you "don't double post"... and things of that sort.

•please don't double post. If you have another message, edit the fist post.
•please don't constantly bump, shove, or push your thread.
•please make sure you post new topics in the right forum. If you are not sure, try your best and we will move it if the placement is incorrect.
•please do not spam. This means no "spam spam spam spam" or "Buy the new window washer!". No spam and/or commercial spam.
•please try not to get off topic, make a new thread if needed. If it's an accident, it's okay, we will split the thread for you.
•please try not to duplicate threads. If you are making a new thread, make sure that there are no other threads that have the same topic. We will merge or close the second one if necessary.

Thank you, and 4m on!

Note: you may also click the ! in a triangle to report a post.

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