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Post by kayybee on Tue Mar 01 2011, 21:21

Here is a shop to use points for non-item rewards.

-Custom Forums: you can have your own forums for a collaboration, etc. You can choose the settings: who mods it (i do too, but other mods don't), who can view it (me+all mods do too), etc.
1000 points. Within 1 month, you can have a refund of 400 points.
-Have a link in the footer.
50 points. You will get a complete refund if we push you off for lack of space, and get a 30p refund by your own choice.
-Personal smilies. Choose to have a smiley for you and you only, we will make sure no one else uses it. Max 3 per person.
10 points. If someone else uses it, they have you have a choice of removing it, or them giving you 1p each time.
-Request to be a moderator: you can be a moderator like any other mod.
100 points per forum, polls/mod count as one. Refund of 50 points if wanted, no refund if not doing job correctly. Gets access to the mod's forums.

More to come!


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